About Us

We specialize in industrial and commercial projects. Our services include roof sheeting, cladding, rainwater goods, flashings, gutters, ventilation, skylights, insulation and composite panels etc. We also do repairs to existing roofs,overlay roofs and re-roofing. Our main focus currently is in Gauteng and surrounding provinces, until such time as we can explore nationwide.

Other services offered include measuring of bills of quantities as per the “standard system of measuring building works” from both drawings and on site measurement of existing buildings. We also specialise in composite panel cladding to broaden our scope of works other then our regular roof covering trade.

The company has extensive suppliers available in the manufacturing of flashings, rainwater goods etc. (Greatly reducing lead times for these items) as well as sufficient subcontractors who have been trained in all aspects of our industry ensuring consistent quality control and adherence to manufacturers specifications resulting in approval of guarantees where applicable.

Although we are specialists in the erection of new buildings we have also completed re-roof projects on existing buildings with minimum of inconvenience to the tenants.